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BJEM Model United Nations 2019,

2nd to 4th August 2019 Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

The most awaited Model United Nations of the City - BJEM Invites you to witness the making of an era.

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

With utmost pleasure, we take this opportunity to extend our invitations to you all to be a part of the maiden edition of BJEM Model United Nations (BJEM MUN 2019) to be held in the premises of BJEM School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, INDIA. This year’s conference will be held between the 2nd to the 4th of August, 2019. Months of planning have resulted in us presenting you all with this conference. Having crossed the limits of perseverance, dedication and resilience, we consider ourselves equipped enough to guarantee upon the success of this simulation and all the previous editions are testaments of this undeterred devotion and spirit.

We are indeed eager to see the delegates interpret and counteract the numerous challenges they would come across within their committees, all the while maintaining the essence of diplomacy. We anticipate with zeal regarding the ultimate exercise of the freedom of speech and expression by the international press.

Model United Nations, and BJEM MUN specifically, provides delegates with an unparalleled opportunity to develop the skills of public speaking, compromise, and negotiation along with teaching them the basic principle of diplomacy. We intend to present the international press with a platform that will hold no barriers wherein the addressal of topics of pertinence are concerned.

At BJEMMUN we are committed to providing an educational experience that is as engaging as possible. Our goal for this year’s conference will be to take a critical look at various crises from the past, present, and future in order to present an engaging and challenging opportunity for delegates. We aim to explore many fascinating times in both INDIAN and world history in order to gain a greater understanding of the historical context of modern geopolitical issues. To that end BJEMMUN we will feature fast paced, dynamic scenarios facilitated by our experienced staffers and with a focus towards committees that empower delegates to create alternate past time lines and explore hypothetical future ones through a Geo-political perspective. Through this conference we aim to enable you to explore world history and political crises in as real of a simulation possible and we are looking forward to seeing you maneuver in these complex times in world history.

The entire Secretariat aspires for BJEM MUN to surmount the standards of every other school level MUN in the Odisha circuit in terms of debating, deliberation and analysis. We delivered upon this promise by making the 2017's edition as one of the largest school level MUNs in the entire south eastern Asia.We await you this International Humanitarian Law Month at the School of the Paika Bakshi.

The Secretariat,
BJEM Model United Nations 2019


BJEM MUN 2019 EB Members

Mr. Devnandan Mahapatra


Ms. Sristi Chowdhury

Chairperson, UNCND

Mr. Manish Banerjee

Co Chairperson, UN CCPCJ

Mr. Sanat Puri

Chairperson, UNCSW

Mr. Pratyush Ranjan

Co Chairperson, UNCCPCJ

Mr. Arya Senapati

President, UNHRC

Ms. Nishita Sareen


Mr. Ansuman Biswal

Vice President, UNHRC

Mr. Ritik Roy

Director, UNCCPCJ

Mr. Sourav Mishra

Joint Vice Chairperson, UNCND

Ms. Saishree Mohanty

Director, UNHRC

Ms. Sukanya Baliarsingh

Joint Vice Chairperson, UNCND

Ms. Trisha Biswas

Editor In Chief