July 15, 2016




Introducing the Core Secretariat, BJEM MUN 2016
DevnandanHonorable Under Secretary General
Delegate Affairs

Mr. Devnandan Mahapatra

Passing out of BJEM this April 2016, Mr. Devnandan is undoubtedly a jewel of the School. He is a unique character of many qualities, and never fails to enchant his audience with his prolific oratory skills and motivation. An optimist all the way, his many edges reflect an admirable Writer, a remarkable Guitarist and Music Lover, an avid listener and a prominent Speaker. On top of this, he is brilliant in academics as well !!

His charm comes from his very simplicity and tact of conduct.
He was amongst the few very prominent visionaries behind this endeavour of ours, and is a big reason why we have managed to come up this successful. His immense contribution and sheer dedication towards the conference is something we cannot thank him enough for.

Looking forward to an unforgettable experience.


Sourav Honorable Deputy Secretary General

Mr. Sourav Mishra

Currently a 12th Science student at BJEMS, Mr. Sourav Mishra is a gifted personality with many skills. A talented Singer, a Cricketeer ,a Soccer-Buzz, a casual Quizzer, Debator, and a serious Fitness-Freak, this charismatic character is an inborn Leader, and thrives for perfection.

Been in the MUNning Circle for a very brief period, nonetheless he has acquired quite a name in MUNs around the City. He sees MUN Conferences playing a pivotal role in enhancing ones all-round knowledge of the World Politics, and believes such Informative Competitions can shape our thoughts positively. He has played an important role in making the conference a success, and never fails to inspire us with his sheer dedication.




Sweta MishraHonourable Charge D’ Affairs

Ms. Sweta Mishra

Passing out of BJEM This April 2016, Ms. Sweta is a lovely, versatile lady who is always brimming with confidence! A prolific writer, an enigmatic orator and a music-lover, she always looks forward to give her best in whatever she does.
Brilliant in academics, her many hobbies include gardening, singing and poetry.

Having spent a brief time attending such conferences, she believes there are tons of skills and tact that one can acquire from MUNs, and that these serve as major icebreakers to discovering one’s strengths.
She is an all-rounder, driven by sheer passion, and yearns to make the best out of her latest endeavour, BJEM MUN 2016.

She wishes the attendees a great time ahead!



Sweta MishraHonourable Under Secretary General
Finance and Sponsorship

Mr. Sambit Mahapatra
Passing out of BJEM This April 2016, Mr. Sambit is amongst the schools most dynamic and energitic personalities. Always striving towards perfection, what sets him apart from the rest is his minute attention to professionalism and team leadership.
An avid sports and music enthusiast, he is amongst the most hard-working and dedicated Members in the Secretariat. His ideas have set a new benchmark with the BJEM Model United Nations, and he continues to inspire with his sheer genius.
Clearly the X-Factor the conference!




Sweta MishraHonorable Designer In Chief

Mr. Afroz Ahmed

Currently a 12th Commerce student at BJEM School, Mr. Afroz is a young man with many unique talents.
Closely linked with MUN Conferences in and around the City, serving with his admirable designing skills and professional hand at digital craft, he has been a very important asset to our event.

His humble character, cheerfulness and a taste for witty humour, wins him friends very easily. Easily one of the most dynamic heads in the Secretariat!

He believes that Model United Nations Conferences are an unmatched platform to discover our true latent strengths, and that it grows into ourselves, talents of many kinds.



Anwash RathaUSG Logistics

Mr. Anwesh Ratha

Passing out of BJEM this April 2016, Mr. Anwesh is a very lively and joyous personality, currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering and related studies at Sillicon Valley Institute. Joining in the team a little late into the proceedings, his complete dedication towards making the event a successful one has made up for his abscence. He sets the mood of the Secretariat – Clearly one guy you wish to meet!

His unique ideas have taught us a great deal, and his experience and interest in this field has made our job a lot easier. He is clearly one of the most important contributors in the Secretariat.